Sunday, 22 May 2011

Every Bride's Dream Shoe Giveaway Contest by Absolutely Gorgeous

This is the 1st post in my blog and I would like to say: A pair of every bride to be dream shoes is about to be giveaway by this company known as Absolutely Gorgeous !!!! The great thing about this company is that it ensures a perfect shoe fit as well as accustomed to your needs in terms of colour shades & fabric to suit the bride for her perfect special day. However this shoe giveaway has their terms & conditions to participate in this not-to-be missed contest:

Terms & Conditions: 

1. Tell us a story on your dream shoe either through blog or facebook.

- You can sketch your dream shoe on your own.

- Or you can simply search for your dream shoe through Google.

2. Explain to us the choice of your dream shoe

3. Remember to link Absolutelygorgeous By Amy ( blog in your blog website

(those without a blog can do the linkage through Facebook Notes app)

4. Of course, you have to be a part of this great company by clicking 'LIKE' at Absolutelygorgeous By Amy fan page. 

5. Lastly, do Email us your entry link or notes about this contest to

6. Open to all citizens of Malaysia. Contest starts from 14th May 2011 until 15th June 2011. Result will be announced through Facebook fanpage & email.

Now as we all know choosing the perfect dream bridal shoe can be a nightmare as there are so many criterias to consider. However this is my dream shoe: 

It is not just focused on the crystal accessories but rather the elements to make it. The height of the shoe is perfect for me because it is semi-flat shoe that doesn't strain my leg on my the wedding night as well as suit my fiance's height.

Another key element is that in order to fit my wedding white gown, the snow crystal-like accessories would create a dazzling effect overall. 

As we know, wedding is grand formal affair and so the best part about choosing the perfect shoe would be high-class elegance which would capture the guest's attention. 

So many blessings to all other bride(s) to be who will be united with their fiance(s) in marriage. Remember that your wedding dream shoe is a very important aspect in your wedding. Like they say: A shoe too big will trip you, if too small will pinch you =)


  1. goodluck seizonsha (susah nak pronounce tu!!! hehe..;)

  2. terima kasih, fingers crossed =)

  3. wow......terbeliak mata jappp nice nice

  4. all the besh dear. salam kenal b2b :)